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Copitmus Prime #51

Where did your derby name come from?

I started with Rock Coast as an official, and was looking for a name that was a pun based on authority. Coptimus Prime was what I finally settled upon, based off of the Transformers, because I figured it was something most people would know. Over the years, it got shortened, and most people tended to stick with simply "Prime."


Dirty thirty, Bub.


Hometown and current town:

Warren, ME.


How long have you been skating?

My first practice followed the weekend of the very first Coastal Chaos, so just nearly 4 years.


Why do you play?

I play for the the moments that make every practice worthwhile. I continue to play because, even if I'm feeling burnt out, or like I'm falling behind, there are still moments when I can lift myself, another, or an entire wall, up. It’s very easy to beat yourself up over a hard moment in any sport, but the times when you support your teammates, get positive feedback and see the climb in score, even when you feel you’re going nowhere but backwards? Those are the moments when your spirit shines. I coach so that I can provide that feeling to others on their own journey, to provide others with the tools I was given, and to help others see not only their own potential, but to further themselves to places they didn't think were initially possible.


What's a great song to skate to?

Before each scrimmage I play in, I always listen to "Half Truism" By The Offspring, but my favorite song that came on during a bout was "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO, it was a great pick me up, and completely unexpected.



What's your favorite derby memory?

Any and EVERY road trip with more than just myself in the car. I’ve ridden passenger side to Philadelphia and back in under 24 hours, and I’ve experienced the worst flatulence a teammate can offer. I’ve driven a troop of skaters to their first scrimmage and back. I’ve been in the back seat after some tremendously wild after-parties, and I’ve had too many productive meetings in parking lots to count. It’s one thing to practice with a group of people every week, compared to actually being isolated far from home,with only your friendship and commitment to each other to pull you through. Home is fun, but away is what brings people together.


What's your favorite Coastal Chaos memory?

CC 2018. I've played once before in a Coastal Chaos exhibition, but being able to play in a game, at my home venue, AND getting to jump right into coaching in the following game? There's nothing more special than working all year towards something and getting to experience both sides of it in one fantastic weekend. It doesn't hurt that 2018 also featured my favorite victory as a coach with RCR.


Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Trick question, once pineapple touches pizza, it becomes garbage.

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