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CrazieNess #925

Where did your derby name come from?

Well way back then peeps registered their name, and you couldn't have the same name as another skater and all the ones that I thought of were taken. I wanted to do something that had to do with my mother who had passed the year before, and all of her nicknames were in fact great Derby names - Calamity, Calamity Jane etc. I couldn't take a name that was another skaters AND have it be the name of a team in Portland. So I was literally looking at this list and saying it was craziness trying to find a name when alllllll these other names were taken. Then boom. Light bulb - CrazieNess. Fun fact about how I spell it. I think every Jersey I wear or have had made I forgot how I gave it to the league so they are all spelled differently.



32 and a half


Hometown and current town:

Camden, ME and Lincolnville, ME


How long have you been skating?

Since 2012.


Why do you play?

I play because I feel like it makes me a better person. I challenge myself to always work harder than the last time, and to be open to my team. I play because it feels amazing to be able to use my strength to stop a jammer and work with my team to keep them from doing anything. I play because I want to get better - faster - not so damn penalty heavy, but let's face it that will probably never happen. I swear Prime that was NOT A FOREARM! I play because I love every person on this team, past and present, and I want to keep playing until I am an old biddy.


What's a great song to skate to?

Monster - Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver, Kanye West, and Rick Ross



What's your favorite derby memory?

I have so many favorite moments so I will give 2.

1. My favorite Team Western Mass Destruction was here for our annual summer game and our star jammer got hurt. She couldn't skate anymore so I decided that I would just turn into a Jammer and get lead just for her. Welp it happened. It was perfect - so perfect that I got cocky and tried to do it again and it wasn't so perfect. It helped me remember that not every jam can be perfect and you do what you can.

2. ALBANY, NY - we won the game and the after party. Nuff said.


What's your favorite Coastal Chaos memory?

Finally beating Bay State. BY ONE DAMN POINT!


Does pineapple belong on pizza?





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