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Gott Damn #369

Where did your derby name come from?




I was born in 1985, do the math.


Hometown and current town:

Hometown is Orlando, Florida. Currently Rockland, Maine.


How long have you been skating?

One year and one month.


Why do you play?

At first it was something to do. I was new in town and knew next to no one. Then a group of people joined and they became my fam. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. I also play because there's a level of empowerment in this world that I have yet to find anywhere else in life.


What's a great song to skate to?

At the rink just happily rolling along? Groove by Oiki. If we're talking like playing derby and smashing my friends? Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet Op:64 Act 1 Scene 2 Knights Dance.

What's your favorite Coastal Chaos memory?

Chaos, my bunny that I found in the parking lot during the 2018 tournament. I still have the damn guy.


Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Depends on how hungry I am.

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