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Jam Beesly #613

Where did your derby name come from?

I am obsessed with all things The Office & I relate to Pam the most, so it was a natural choice. 613 is my daughter Penelope's birthday (June 13th).





Hometown and current town:

Hometown- Northfield, Vermont, Current town - Rockland, Maine.


How long have you been skating?

I  played ice hockey in middle & high school, and had skated on roller blades as a child, but have only been skating for about a year now with RCR.


Why do you play?

I initially started playing roller derby because I saw this group of badass women skating around a track and knocking the crap out of each other. I didn't once think I belonged with this group of women, but I thought I would try anyway. I joined at a time in my life where I lacked confidence and self-worth, & I would be lying if I told you it's made me this Beyonce-like woman who knows exactly who she is without a doubt. But it has given me a sense of hope, confidence that, as long as I keep trying, I will only get better (which translates to all areas of my life). It has given me self compassion, the space to fall, the courage to get up again. Most importantly, roller derby has given me an amazing group of friends. A group of incredible women who are as loving & supportive as they are strong and badass, whom I love with my entire being.


What's a great song to skate to?

Anything by Turnstile.



What's your favorite derby memory?

Holding hands & skating around the track with Sweet Lady Pro-Pain, Red Velvet, & Gott Damn, my fresh meat class who have become some of the most important people in my life.


What's your favorite Coastal Chaos memory?

My favorite Coastal Chaos memory is stressing over working as tape ninja for the track & running off coffee milk all weekend.


Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Yes, along with onion (and sometimes broccoli).

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