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Just Hewitt #911

Where did your derby name come from?

Hewitt is my last name. That’s what I wanted my derby name to be but everyone kept trying to make it into something else, something kitschy and pregnant with traditional derby wittiness. So finally, in the spirit of exasperated compromise I came to the name ‘Just Hewitt’, which is both a take on the popular Nike slogan ‘Just Do It’ as much as it is an expression of my stubborn insistence. My teammates call me Hewie.



I almost put 35 but that’s a lie. I’m 43.


Hometown and current town:

I grew up in Stow, Maine and now reside in Union.


How long have you been skating?

2019 will be my third season.


Why do you play?

I play for lots of reasons. It's healthy exercise, and a positive way to spend my time generally speaking. I use the time to socialize with folks I might never cross paths with otherwise. Practice builds my communication and teamworking skills and helps me to be a more effective leader in my work life. I am also fairly aggressive and it’s a safe place to release that aggression on others wearing safety gear.


What's a great song to skate to?

Any of the classic 80’s songs which I learned to skate to are always good; Another One Bites the Dust, most anything from Michael Jackson.



What's your favorite derby memory?

I think my favorite derby memory isn’t a moment as much as it is a feeling. I think working so hard through the fresh meat program and that feeling of being in my first game. Being scared but also ready to take the training wheels off and really test the limits of my body and my skills against my opponents. That first game- both scary and revealing. I’d been practicing the skills of derby three times a week for a year and I still didn’t know Jack. There was so much more to learn and every year gets better.


What's your favorite Coastal Chaos
memory ?

Fave CC memory is dancing warmups outside in the sun to bad hip hop.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Never...that's gross.

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