Do you want to join a fun, fast-paced, empowering sport? Roller derby is it! 💪 Rockland-based Rock Coast Roller Derby has been around since 2011, and we’re seeking new skaters and officials! ALL GENDERS, 18+

Roller derby may be for you if:
✔️ You want to become stronger, healthier, and more confident
✔️ You like being surrounded by a supportive group of friends
✔️ You’re a dedicated, hard worker
✔️ You want to get out of your comfort zone

Roller derby may not be for you if:
❌ You give up easily
❌ You expect to be an all-star skater overnight
❌ You’re not a team player
❌ You’re only interested in roller derby to look “cool”

Rock Coast Roller Derby is a proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and our mission is to empower women in our community to be strong, healthy, and confident through the sport of roller derby. We value community, athleticism, and teamwork and strive to be positive role models in the Midcoast.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never skated before in your life-- no matter what level you're at, we'll teach you!

No gear? No problem! We have loaner safety gear and skates available on a first come, first served basis.

You must be at least 18 years old to join us as a skater or official, skating or non-skating. Skaters must be female* and anyone can join us as an official-- roller derby is not just “for ladies”!

*Please note that Rock Coast Roller Derby has an inclusive gender policy and will not differentiate between members who identify as female and those who identify as non-binary.


Roller derby isn’t just about the silly derby names and tough aesthetic-- it’s a lifestyle and a commitment to be taken seriously. We skate hard, hit hard, and work hard. As a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our skaters work together on and off the track to keep the league running smoothly.

We won’t abandon you if you don’t progress as a skater “quickly enough.” If you’re part of RCRD, you’re part of RCRD. Everyone is different and some people need more time than others to develop the important skills you need to have to play roller derby. We're here to support your derby journey and we’ll keep working with you till you get where you need to be so that you can be a total powerhouse on the track and be able to engage in contact safely.


So what will we focus on?
💙 Sticky skating, crossovers, proper derby stance
💙 Stopping...T-stops, stutter stops, plow stops, turn & toe stops
💙 Moving laterally
💙 Knee taps & knee slides
💙 Jumping & hopping
💙 Weaving through obstacles
💙 Arm & shirt whips
💙 Blocking & pushing
...and much, much more!

How long will it be before you're ready to play in a game? 🤔
As we said, everyone is different, so we are unable to answer this. It may be a few months, it may be a year. Your timeline will depend on your skill level and dedication to the sport. Comparing yourself to others won't aide you, so focus on your own progress-- we're here to support you through it all! Roller derby is hard, but you can do hard things.

What you need for practice:
✔️ A water bottle (no glass, please)
✔️ Clothes you feel comfortable working out in (most wear yoga pants & t-shirts)
✔️ Sneakers for off-skates warm-ups
✔️ Socks (we recommend bringing one thick pair and one thinner pair while you're still figuring out your skates)

What about gear? 🤔
You need quad skates (not inlines), knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet, and a mouth guard.
We have a limited supply of gear to loan out on a first-come, first-served basis (minus mouth guards). Gear can be reserved on the sign up form and must be reserved in advance.

If you’d like to purchase your own gear we recommend The Bruised Boutique Skate Shop (Nashua, NH). Another great resource is the Roller Derby Recyclables Facebook group. Feel free to ask us or the friendly folks at Bruised Boutique for gear recommendations before you purchase anything! Derby gear is an investment so do your research!

So when do we skate? 🤔
Sundays from 9-11am and Wednesdays from 6:45-8:45pm at the Thompson Community Center in Union. In the spring, we will move to the Mid-Coast Recreation Center, Inc. in Rockport and practice hours may change.
Our skaters who have been cleared for contact also practice on Monday nights from 6:45-8:45 and new skaters are more than welcome and encouraged to attend. You will still have opportunities to work on your skills, and watching roller derby is a great way to learn about the game. The more practices you attend, the better skater you will become!

Can't make it to the first day? Can only make it to practice once a week? 🤔
That's no problem. If you miss the orientation day, January 5th, we can easily get you up to speed, so don't let that deter you from signing up. If you can only make it to practice once a week, again, that's no problem. The more skate time the better, but it happens. As with all our skaters, we will just encourage you to cross-train and practice on your own time.

What does this cost? 🤔
Each skater pays $30 in dues each month to help pay for practice space rental.

This is a lot of information, huh? If we didn't answer your question here, please feel free to send us a Facebook message or email us at

Are you ready to skate? Sign up here: