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About RCRD

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Rock Coast Roller Derby is Midcoast Maine's one and only roller derby league. We are a skater-owned, volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2011. We have been proud members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) since 2014.

Rock Coast Roller Derby’s vision is to be an inclusive, diverse community that takes pride in supporting one another as well as other organizations within the mid-coast Maine community. As a democratically-run, competitive roller derby league, we strive to foster a safe environment for members to find their voice and their power, train our members to be strong in body and in mind, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and help further promote the sport of roller derby in our community and beyond.

General membership is open to anyone 18+. Skater membership is open to anyone 18+ who is a woman, transgender woman, intersex woman, as well as non-binary and gender-expansive individuals who feel most comfortable playing women’s roller derby. Please see the WFTDA gender statement for more information. All are welcome regardless of sexual preference, race, nationality, social status, skating ability or previous athletic experience.

Our league and our members are welcoming to anyone who is passionate about roller derby and embodies our mission statement and core values. The roller derby community is widespread and continuously growing worldwide. We believe the diversity within the roller derby community should be encouraged and celebrated, roller derby is for everyone.


About Flat Track Roller Derby

Rock Coast Roller Derby Media Kit 2023.png

Unlike the banked track version that was synonymous with sport historically, the most common type of roller derby is now played on a “flat track.” Banked tracks are large and expensive to maintain and house, thus roller derby shifted towards flat tracks, which enables skaters to play more games at more locations.


Although the long history of roller derby contained elements of staging and predetermined outcomes, modern roller derby is not “fixed,” though we still like to keep the traditional fun alive in many other ways, for example, by creating derby names.

Roller derby is a full-contact sport, but it is not a violent sport. There is no punching, throwing elbows, or clotheslining other skaters-- and if there is, the perpetrating skater will most likely receive a penalty, be expelled from a game, and possibly face other consequences. There are many strict rules in place to keep this sport fun and safe for everybody.


The full ruleset can be viewed here.





About Flat Track Roller Derby
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